Database Nation

Simson Garfinkel, a popular journalist, presented in his book “Database Nation” the frightening scenarios resulting from new technologies, that would be invented, as well as from technologies which already exist. His book is full of details about facts and insight into the ways companies, organizations, interest groups and the government use databases, containing information about you and your everyday life. Garfinkel gives supporting arguments to his facts. He does not want to frighten the reader, but warns the reader about potential situations and risks.

Database Nation is an extensive guide for those who want to become closer to with new technologies in security and data storage and the dangers and risks potentially appearing. This book also provides true historical facts about database risks. This book warns you about information of your credit file and medical records that can be used by different interest groups. The numerous technological achievements such as creation of small microchips have put privacy into a great danger.

The author reveals the potential privacy dangers from emerging technologies and offers sound advice about alternatives to privacy risky technologies.  He analyses some of the potentially risky the technologies and privacy issues, they are: iris scans, surveillance satellites, DNA identification, medical data, cell phones, genetic autonomy, intelligent computing, terrorism, video cameras and the Internet.
For example, he describes how supermarket affinity cards, warranty cards, and cell phone networks can be used to track individuals’ preferences and, in the case of cell phones, their physical movement.

The author goes into significant detail about advanced identification technologies that can identify and track individuals and gives a legislative solution for strengthening privacy protections in the United States. This book is worth reading thought it was first published in 2000; it will be interesting especially for those who consider privacy to be the most basic of our civil rights.

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Practical mod_perl by Bekman and Cholet

Practical mod_perl is a guide for Perl web developers and administrators who work and create with mod Perl and Apache. Mod_Perl is an Apache module that builds the power of the popular Perl programming language into the Apache web server and fastens the work of web programming environment. Practical mod_perl is really a practical guide book on how to use, optimize, and troubleshoot mod_perl.

This book will help you to write and debug scripts, to keep your server running without failures, and use 100% power of your server.

The authors Stas Bekman and Eric Cholet are members of the Apache Software Foundation and they are among the prominent and respected names in the Mod_Perl group to be confident for the quality of the information the reader gets in their book.

This book will teach beginners how to quickly and easily compile and install mod_perl. The main goal of this book is to show the user how to use mod_perl profitably: how to make a mod_perl-enabled Web site as fast, flexible, and easily-maintainable as possible. The experienced authors offer an easy to understand and complete picture of how to set up and maintain a successful mod_perl site.

The most interesting and useful topics covered in the book are:

  • Configuring mod_perl optimally for your web site.
  • Debugging advice.
  • Achievement of complete security.
  • Optimizing programs for a mod_perl environment.
  • Fastening the performance from the site you create.
  • Controlling and diagnosing the server to avoid crashes and clogs.
  • Integrating with databases the most efficient ways.

All in all, written for Perl web developers and web administrators, Practical mod_perl is an informative book for beginners and professionals of the excellent and widely used combination of Apache and mod_perl.

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Practical PostgreSQL

The book Practical PostgreSQL, by John Worsley and Joshua Drake, gives better understanding of PostgreSQL and to the associated functionality. The book is devoted to PostgreSQL v7.1.x. The content allows you to get easy with PostgreSQL  and also to touch academic database subjects. The main target of the writers was to provide the reader with enough understanding of PostgreSQL to create a fully operational PostgreSQL database.

PostgreSQL is an object-relational database management system with long history (from 1977). Practical PostgreSQL provides with full, well arranged information on how to install, configurate, and use PostgreSQL database.

The book guides you in compiling PostgreSQL from source, creating a database, and configurating PostgreSQL to take client-server connections. There are thoroughly made descriptions of the application, including support for transactions, versioning, replication, and referential integrity in the book.

The book contains the chapters on user management, database maintenance, and backup and recovery.

This book is for those readers who are enthusiastic in utilizing the PostgreSQL database management system.

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Network Your Computers & Devices Step by Step

No one can do without a network nowadays. Microsoft Press published a series of Step By Step books that serve as amazing primers for everything in using Windows.

Step By Step: Network Your Computers & Devices by Ciprian Adrian Rusen  provides the reader with useful information about  installing hardware, configuring it, setting user accounts, creating a network, connecting to the network, sharing files and devices, media streaming, sharing with other operating systems, and security. What is more it gives the basics of computing for those who have just begun to use it.

The reader is offered to make one step at a time; steps explain each subject with well chosen examples. The steps are the best way of progressing from the simple to the complex. Each step has illustrations, to help the reader see what’s going to appear on the screen. Most readers will find it great to see what you’ll be doing with.

Wired Equivalent Privacy is not welcomed and readers are encouraged to use WPA2-PSK to secure their wireless network.
The authors described security tools – Microsoft Update, Windows Defender and Windows Firewall.
Besides Windows 7, the operating system that the book focuses on, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.6, and Ubuntu GNU/Linux 10.10 are covered.

Step By Step: Network Your Computers & Devices is the best book for the beginners and professional users; one should have it in the home library. The information is easy to find and easy to understand. Studying complex subjects one step at a time is the best way to have success.

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55 Ways to Have Fun With Google

This book, offers information on Google-related games, cartoons, oddities, tips, stories and lots of funny things. Become bolder searcher, reading “55 Ways to Have Fun with Google”, by Phillip Lenssen.

If you are interested in an in Google, choose this book as a guide. It is an excellent book for those who want to know what possibilities the most popular search engine in the world has.

The author arranged the reference guide on how to use Google as a tool. The book is   entertaining and at the same moment has a deep understanding of Google’s products and services. It provides information about search engine curiosities, riddles and games.

You have a possibility to become a better searcher with Google Search Tips. You can use Googlepolls – Ask the crowd to search for people’s opinions on everything you want.

The author describes different games with Google – the Google Snake game, the Google Adventure game and the Google Irritation game and Google Image Quiz.

The book reveals an incredible number of Google-related toys and gadgets and other possibilities of the engine: the Google book of world record, spelling errors galore, funny Google videos, Google parodies, fun with Google translations and many others.

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101 Killer Apps for your Palm by Dave Johnson & Rick Broida

If you look for particular program or application for your Palm, the book “101 Killer Apps for your Palm” will be most helpful for your needs. It contains 101 recommendations for Palm OS software; structurally it consists of ten categories offering all the information for the Palm handheld users. The book, released with a CD, which contains recent versions of the described programs.

The software reviews are not too complicated and long, you will certainly find the best product selections in each category chosen by authors Johnson & Broida.

The authors Dave Johnson  and Rick Broida  give good quality answers to lots of specific needs, they pay attention on the best product in each category and what’s more on the most  useful product in each category.

Johnson  and Broida are concentrated on  work and productivity of the programs,  covered thoroughly utilities, games, travel tools and replacements for built-in Palm programs. They described such specific and superb file management utility as FileZ (freeware from NoSleep Software), unknown Pen Jammer ( from Ironwheel Works) which is an amazing Graffiti teacher.

The book offers information on such products as: Agendus, AvantGo, BugMe, DateBk 5, Documents-to-Go, QuickOffice, RepliGo, SilverScreen and Vindigo.

The design of the book will be very helpful; you can easily find what you need. The contents do not contain program names, in case of particular program search, the index will be convenient – it provides a more detailed reference.

In conclusion, the book makes a good impression because of well planned selection of software which offers best recommendations to a wide range of demands for work, play, utility, productivity, hobby and entertainment.

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The Art and Science of Web Design

The author of the book Jeffrey Veen is known as a professional in web designing, who writes about designing for a long time. The book gives information about different aspects of practical web design and style; the author also provides the reader with web’ history points and interface conventions.

The information about search and navigation structure, browser compatibility, website loading speed, web advertising and database-driven websites is useful for those who work or has interest in web designing technologies.

The book includes concepts of web usability and web design style. The author also offers his own expert analysis and points of view.   The Art & Science of Web Design intended for web developing and marketing course. True Internet professionals including web developers and marketers — can get a great amount of informatory tips from this book.

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welcome to our site about computer books

The development of software nowadays increases greatly; there is a large number of computer books, that help users and programmers to work and create, design easily.

Written for common users, who begin to explore possibilities of computer programs and for professionals such as: web designers, web developers, web administrators, programmers, books about computer software are guides to the amateurs and nuts of the powerful and popular computer technologies.

We hope that by introducing this site to the community, you will get better understanding of technically accurate computer programs. This site is intended to give short reviews of the books that really help you.

Well plan selection of books about software that will provide you with a wide range of needs for work, play, utility, productivity, hobby and entertainment.


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